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About Us


Resolve Search Professionals was founded in 2005 by Kristina Morse. Kristina entered the world of recruiting after eight years in management positions within the engineering sector. Prior to establishing Resolve Search, Kristina worked as a Senior Recruiter for a national recruiting agency and established their engineering and technical recruiting practice in Vancouver. In response to market demands, Kristina's practice transitioned to the construction and development sectors. This work continues to be her passion and focus. Kristina plays an active role in a number of industry associations, including the Canadian Construction Women. She has developed a broad understanding of Vancouver's construction and real-estate sectors and considers her work to be challenging and fulfilling.

Kristina balances her professional obligations with an active involvement with her young family.

How We Work

Resolve Search is a contingency search firm. As such, clients are obligated to pay our fee only upon the successful conclusion of an assignment. Search fees are based on a percentage of a candidate's base salary and are accompanied by a guarantee. Because the vast majority of our candidates are currently employed, our searches typically take several weeks to conclude. For this and other reasons, we request exclusivity at the on-set of an engagement. A general outline of the process we follow when conducting a search is outlined below.

At the beginning of each assignment, we meet with our client to gain a deep understanding of the job, speak with members of the team, and confirm the goals and timelines for the hire. Working with our client, we craft a job summary to share with candidates interested in learning more about the role and to post in select advertising venues. We then begin to actively explore the market, speaking with our network of candidates and colleagues as well as "head-hunting" for qualified candidates in suitable organizations.

As candidates emerge, we move them through an evaluation process that begins with an informal pre-screening meeting with Resolve Search. Candidates qualified through the pre-screening are then further evaluated through a series of client meetings and formal interviews. Resolve Search maintains regular contact with the client throughout the process, providing feedback and insight in both verbal and written form. Resolve Search also communicates regularly with all candidates to relay suitable information and to respectfully keep them involved.

When all candidates have been presented, we work with our client to fully evaluate their options, conduct reference checks and craft an offer to the preferred individual. Resolve Search communicates the client's offer and assists with negotiations when required. After a deal is signed, we are available to assist the candidate as they transition from their current employer into the role at our client's organization. After the candidate is on-board, we communicate regularly with all parties to ensure the relationship is developing as expected and to facilitate the candidate's integration with the team.

Corporate Values

When Resolve Search is conducting a search, we consider ourselves to be our client's representative in the market. Our conduct is professional and beyond reproach at all times. We are cognizant of client confidentiality and act responsibly with respect to the information we release to the market. We also recognize that each individual who joins an organization affects the culture and the quality of the work our clients are able to offer to the market. We will disclose all relevant information about potential employees to enable clients to make informed decisions. We will only be satisfied when we have found the right candidate for our client.

On the candidate side, we recognize that changing jobs has broad implications for one's family and career. We acknowledge that this process involves stress as well as excitement.

We feel a great deal of responsibility for the advice we provide and never lose sight of these facts.