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“Kristina has assisted me with multiple recruitment placements. I have always found her services to be valuable. She is extremely thorough in her interviews and is genuinely interested in placing the right candidates with the right company. I would not hesitate to use Kristina for future recruitment searches.”

Vice President of Construction - Multi-family development company

“Resolve Search has been a critical component to the ongoing success of [...]. We spent the first 14 years of our business hiring, firing, and wondering how to find the right people for the seats on our bus. Two years ago Kristina and her team spent the time to learn about us; who we were, where we were and where we were going. By understanding the company that we are and juxtaposing it against the company we want to be, Kristina was not only able to clearly see the holes we needed to fill, but also what shapes were needed to fit in them.
We have been thrilled with the service and results from Resolve Search and we will continue to strengthen our ongoing relationship.”

Partner - Commercial Contracting firm

“Kristina's relaxed, professional approach made the prospect of changing jobs comfortable and exciting. By making an effort to understand my personal goals and strengths during our first few meetings, she was able to match me with the right people, at the right time. Our first coffee meeting has led to one of the best career moves I could have made. Thank you Kristina!”

Development Manager - Multi-family development company

“Kristina Morse has her finger on the pulse. Her extensive experience, screening process and connections found me the perfect job and I have never looked back. Kristina is the first person I would turn to to find new opportunities to expand my career.”

Marketing Director - Pre-construction Real Estate Marketing and Sales

“Kristina was an invaluable source of knowledge for me when I decided to make the transition into the industry from an architecture office. She was able to quickly assess the areas I needed to focus on in order to make the transition a smooth one and introduce me to the right people to get me started in the industry. Thanks Kristina!”

Development Manager - Multi-family development company

“I have been interviewed by many recruiters in my career of twenty five years; however, I will never forget Kristina's interview. She was very thorough, in-depth, professional and very straight-forward. I consider her as a ‘bridge’ - a very strong bridge - between employee and employer.”

Senior Estimator - General Contractor

“During my employment search in the real-estate industry, I had the pleasure of working with Resolve Search Professionals. Kristina immediately put me at ease during our initial meeting, and lined up an interview with her client the same day. She was prompt with follow up and feedback, keeping me well informed throughout the entire process. I am glad I have met such a valuable resource in this industry and would recommend her to both employers and job seekers.”

Real-Estate Candidate