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As an executive search firm, Resolve Search is hired by clients to find specialized expertise for their company. While our contractual relationship is with our corporate client, candidates are clearly an integral part of the process. Whatever the market conditions and whatever the opportunity, finding just the right person for a role is almost always a challenge for employers. At Resolve Search, we consider ourselves to have two clients – the company and the candidate – and believe everyone involved in this process deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect. Only when both parties are fully satisfied will we have done our job.

We provide our candidates with:

A connection to un-advertised opportunities – Many senior level opportunities are never promoted to the general population. Clients have a variety of reasons for not wanting to advertise roles including lack of success filling positions this way in the past, a belief that the best candidates come from active sourcing and a desire for confidentiality. Resolve Search is able to bring these hidden opportunities to candidates and facilitate access to hiring managers.

Insight into the corporate culture and team – Prior to launching a search, we interview our clients at length and take other steps to understand their work and corporate culture. Because of this, we can provide insight into the work environment and also answer questions that might be uncomfortable to ask the employer directly, such as “What is this manager like as a boss?”

Objective feedback on the suitability of the role based on your experience and goals – It is not our objective to make a deal at all costs, but rather to find the right person for the job. Throughout the interview process, we provide candidates with honest feedback on the suitability of their skills for the role. We always communicate respectfully. We understand that the interview process can be stressful and aim to provide updates in a timely manner.

Feedback on the market – Specializing in this sector provides insight into the wide variety of companies in the market. We are willing to be a sounding board for candidates as they evaluate their options. We are also available to individuals throughout their career to provide feedback on salary and career planning.

Confidentiality – It is a small community. Candidates who are gainfully employed express real concerns about how their current employer might react if it is learned that they are actively engaged in a job search. We understand the responsibilities that are associated with our involvement in the recruiting process and we take the responsibility very seriously.

A proactive partner in a job search – When candidates do not match the requirements for an active search, but still possess expertise demanded by companies in our community, we can explore market opportunities on their behalf. Resolve Search undertakes these assignments when we have relationships with companies of interest to the candidate and are able to facilitate access to hiring managers. We also engage in work of this nature for candidates who want to explore opportunities anonymously or who have a work history which is best relayed by an objective third party.

Access to an expanded network – We meet a wide variety of industry professionals and are always pleased when we can connect colleagues.