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We consider ourselves to be a partner in our client's search process. We take a keen interest in our client's projects, culture and team and focus on finding the individual who will best meet their many needs. Benefits of working with us include:

Proactive Approach to a Search - Competition for top-talent is always tight, even during slower periods in the market. The most desirable individuals for a role are typically not seeking new opportunities but rather are busy and engaged with the obligations of their current job. These "passive candidates" are largely content and challenged where they are; however, they also tend to be motivated to advance their careers and will listen when an attractive opportunity is brought to their attention. Employers can't rely on job boards and ads to reach these candidates, but instead will benefit from a proactive search conducted by a recruitment partner.

Resolve Search is primarily a "head hunting" recruiting agency. We find our candidates through active sourcing, referrals and industry networking. We establish relationships with talented individuals and track their experience over time. We are then able to approach candidates when the right opportunity arises and, in turn, they feel confident to contact us when ready to initiate a change.

Attention to Corporate Culture - The first thing we do when accepting a new assignment is meet with our client to gain a complete understanding of the company's projects, corporate culture and team. We gather information about the company history, management team, values and goals and consider this when conducting our search. We ask to walk the halls of our client's office, visit project sites and meet members of the team in order to absorb as much information as we can about the work environment. This enables us to present an insightful representation of the company to potential employees and quickly create a level of comfort for them.

Likewise, we meet face to face with each of our candidates to gain a thorough understanding of their experience and personality. The focus of our efforts is always to find the best match for both our client and the potential new member of the team.

A constant presence in the market – In the process of our work, we meet hundreds of talented candidates with whom we maintain regular contact. Whether conducting an interview or attending an industry event, we always keep our clients' current and long term staffing goals top of mind and constantly monitor the market on their behalf.

Confidentiality – Ours is a small community. Our clients are conscious of this and eager to maintain positive relationships with other companies in their sector. Working with Resolve Search provides a level of separation from a search which facilitates this.

Objective feedback from the market – Because we are an independent entity, candidates are quite wiling to share their views on the merits and limitations of the opportunities we present. We share this feedback with clients, to permit them to respond to changing market conditions or to address misconceptions or concerns.